What does Double Full Spectrum mean?

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If you’ve been reading the labels or descriptions of some of our CBD blends, you’ll see the words “Double Full Spectrum” on the front of all the strengths of CBD form 30-150mg per serving.

Double Full Spectrum is our unique and company specific term that means we are taking not one, but two different types of CBD extract and combining them in a base of our Organic Cold Filtered Hemp Seed Oil, to help produce one of the most robust and results delivering versions of supplemental CBD blends on the market.

90% of the companies out on the market right now simply do not take the time and attention to detail that we do with our formulas.

Everything we make is developed and formulated by a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Cancer Survivor, for maximum impact and health, and this is a huge stand out point for our customers.

Most CBD blends only utilize one version of an extract in their formulas, some of the utilizing an isolate which really does not capture the wide variety of phytochemicals that are found in nature. This can result is the body not recognizing the substance as well, or at all, and thereby reduces it’s uptake into the right parts of the body for effective results.

Some companies utilize a Full Spectrum blend, which means it’s a version of a CBD extract from hemp that captures and contains the phyto-nutrients most commonly found in association with hemp and it’s CBD varieties in nature. Within the CBD spectrum, there is CBD, CBD-a, CBD-n, and CBD-g.

CBD and CBD-a, are where most of the desired properties associated with CBD are currently found, according to the general body of research available throughout the world. Some of this comes from Israel, Germany, some of it from Colorado, and some of it from various states in the USA. There is a small portion also coming from the UK, and a minor amount from Australia and China.

Even on our very first offerings of CBD, we utilized a Raw and extremely clean version of CBD that was full spectrum, and was a beautiful blend of CBD as well as CBD-a, reflecting not only what was most commonly found in nature, but emphasizing the two version of CBD with highest benefit for our customers.

We took this version and infused it into our Raw Organic Cold filtered Hemp seed oil, for maximum bioavailability, supported with hemp seed oils naturally occurring Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, Gamma Linolenic Acid (regarded as an an amplifier and activator crucial to healthy fat utilization), Chlorophyl and Vitamin E.

Building from that formula, we then added in a secondary type of extraordinarily clean full spectrum distillate of CBD grown in beautiful Colorado, and blended it with the pre-existing blend we’d already used in our Raw Living CBD, thereby creating our industry standard of Double Full Spectrum, a version of CBD rivaled by none.

We also utilize Organic materials almost exclusively in this blend, making it one of the very few versions of CBD to be genuinely considered to be an Organic Certified CBD blend.

So if you see the word “Double Full Spectrum” CBD that ‘s what it means, and that’s why our blends and customers enthusiasm have stayed strong as one of the top selling CBD supplements in all of the top and highly sought after health food stores in the entire Southern Pacific Region!

Try one of our blends today and experience what quality feels like!