Prop. 65 and Hemp Agriculture

On January 3rd, 2021 California, despite Federal guidelines listing any and all industrial hemp agriculture with .03% THC or less as being completely legal, and safe, has disappointingly now included any item with THC, no matter how microscopic the amount, in it’s Prop.65 list as a potentially cancer causing or reproductively harming ingredient.

Despite there being no evidence of this, or precedent setting chemical history of this, or even a single incident referenced as the cause for this, they have decided to do so.

THC, in it’s chemical history, not only has not shown any evidence of ever being cancer causing, or causing reproductive harm.

In fact, it has shown potential properties that can do the opposite, as well documented in many medical journals, from multiple nations.

As a part of our Jeff’s Best Quality Assurance (JBQA) Stamp of Purity, we assure our customers that for every ingredient we work with, we regularly test for, on all production ingredients used:

Potency, Purity, Composition and Strength

Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, and Synthetic chemicals

If it is a hemp ingredient we also test for THC levels to be compliant with the Farm Bill of 2018 at a Federal level of .03% or less

Heavy Metals

If it is a Cannabidiol product, we also test for validity of it’s strength, and purity independently of it’s use in a blended item.

We always have tested for these since our inception, we test for them now, and we will continue to test them for safety in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices, and just general Quality Assurance.

On customer product use inquiry, we always have, and still do defer all questions pertaining to use during pregnancy of any item to be at the discretion of that customer based on guidance sought out from their doctor.

Despite this, out of an abundance of caution we will be proactively temporarily affixing a small warning statement to all products utilizing any form of industrial hemp ingredient as a precautionary measure to accommodate for even the smallest hypothetical natural variance of any ingredient tested for on the now 900 ingredient long list for Prop. 65, out of which there are only 300 ingredients currently defined with “Safe Harbor” limits.

The goal of this statement is to help our customers be at ease, to help abate any hysteria, cause for false alarm, or misinterpretation of why it’s there.

We take exceedingly great care to provide our customers with incredibly pure and clean products, even testing for things we are not required to, and voluntarily making a backbone of our product line being BPA free long before it was even a cautionary item being discussed publicly, and have continued to do so even though the natural products industry and commercial product industry has gone soft on it because most stores have so many products packaged in plastic.

Just as something to consider:

Maybe instead of asking why a Prop. 65 sticker is suddenly on an item, you should ask your local grocer, why is there a warning about BPA at the counter during checkout, and talking about it being on my receipts, when half the items on the shelf throughout the store are packaged in plastic that contains BPA, without having to have a single warning or cautionary about it, even though unlike THC, it actually HAS shown to put people are greater risk for recurrence of cancer, occurrence of cancer, and hormone disruption?

Let us know how that goes, for now it’s just something to think about.

For the time being, please be assured that nothing has changed, everything is as clean and safe as it’s always been, and hopefully we can patiently collectively ride out this bizarre and misapplied use of a well intentioned Proposition in the once great state of California.

Your Optimal Health and next level purity on all our products, has been, is, and will always be our mission of all missions.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of our Small Business as we move forward in good faith, and optimal caution on this issue.

We look forward with you to a future where the Hemp industry in the United States is readily supported and accepted with maturity and honesty for the incredible agricultural and economic resource that it is for our planet and our people.