Dragon Ice – Massage and Muscle Oil


Formulated specifically with Organic Certified and Fair Trade Essential Oils to penetrate deep into the skin and muscle. Helping to provide relief from everyday aches and strains, with warming and cooling properties utilized for thousands of years to help our lives to be better.

Infused with 500 MG’s of CBD of our highly bioavailable Blend 1 and Blend 2 CBD blends. Derived from our proprietary Raw Living CBD and distilled cherry wine CBD (regarded as one of the most highly revered industrial strain sources of CBD). Artfully Blended into a Organic Certified and Fair Trade Sweet Almond Oil, with Organic Certified and Fair Trade Japanese Peppermint, Organic Certified and Fair Trade Sri Lankan Spearmint, Organic  Certified and Fair Trade Wintergreen Essential Oil from Nepal, and naturally occurring GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) from Organic Certified Hemp Seed Oil, for maximum activation and utilization by the body and skin.

Excellent for helping to provide relief from muscle strain, sore tendons, muscle aches, joint tenderness, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, and may provide a soothing balm on the forehead and scalp during certain types of headaches.