Jeff’s Best! Makers of Jeff’s Best Hemp! and Jeff’s Best Blends!

We are a family friendly Hardcore Raw Vegan Superfoods and Bodycare Company.

We specialize in Ultra Pure Industrial Hemp Seed Based Superfoods, Plant Based Proteins, Bodycare, Superfoods and Essential Oils.

We are founded and formulated exclusively by Cancer Survivor, Clinical Nutritionist, Natural Products Educator and Broker, Jeffrey Von Stetten.

Drinking Glass of Healthy Green Smoothie

Ultra Pure Raw Vegan Superfoods, Essential Oils, and Bodycare

All items we produce are completely Hardcore Vegan, Ultra Pure, and Cruelty Free.

We are a hardcore, vegan superfoods company that is Christian owned, independently and privately owned, that is beholden to no shareholders, no financial investment firms, no IPO’s or shadowy unseen board of directors trying to make us go a direction we don’t want.

Packaging is BPA free for all items. To keep you BPA free in your Inner Gyre, as well as your Outer Gyre.

We independently lab test all ingredients for all products on Potency, Purity, Composition, and Strength.

We also test for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and microbials.

We MDSA test all essential oils using High Definition Lipid Chromatography (HDLC). As a result we ensure therapeutic quality in every blend.

Our staff manufactures all of our own items in-house.

We hand apply, fill, seal, stock, and ship all our own products.

We ship using only biodegradable or recyclable peanuts, recyclable plastic bubble wrap, and biodegradable cardboard boxes. Therefore we keep our processes landfill friendly, and socially responsible.

Currently we do not sell any items through distributors. We monitor, maintain,  and keep safe all finished goods under our exclusive oversight, in our own warehouses. We maintain the utmost and intensively detailed hardcore control and oversight over temperature, handling, safety and shipping standards.

We work primarily with USDA certified organic agriculture. And for ingredients that come from parts of the world where an organic program is not established or dependable, (considered wildcrafted), we offer additional testing. Consequently we ensure cleanliness and safety from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO’s.

For the uneducated- Industrial Hemp is Not Medical Cannabis and may not be called it, or related to it, under Federal Law. Anyone, and we do mean anyone,who attempts to do so is in violation of a Supreme Court Ruling set forth in 2004, which ruled against the Bush administration and the DEA for attempting to do exactly that. 

All of our Industrial Hemp Superfoods are made from agriculture that comes exclusively from Testpledge and Fair Deal Certified Canadian farms, in compliance with Federal guidelines for Industrial hemp foods, bodycare, and supplements. 

Produced in exclusively in strict compliance with Federal guidelines as defined by the 9th Circuit County of Appeals Victory on February 12, 2004-Hemp Foods act of 2004, and The Industrial Hemp Farm Bill of 2014-(H.R.-525) , The Industrial Farm Bill of 2018, as well as being compliant with DSHEA guidelines, Testpledge, USDA and FinServ guidelines.

Industrial hemp as defined by the FDA and the DEA, are a set of specific cultivars of industrial varities that cannot contain THC in any amount greater than .03%. Therefore the term medical cannabis cannot be used for any version of hemp foods or goods that fall within that range as defined by Federal Law. This has been the standard in the United States for over 14 years straight. Nothing has changed, and is only getting better.

For any of the products with Industrial Hemp Plant that we make, we work exclusively with Canadian Organic Industrial Hemp Agriculture, as Industrial Hemp cannot yet be grown in the United States in high enough volumes to rely upon as a crop needed for staple food items and supplements.

Once again, we do not produce any products from any form of Medical Cannabis. We exclusively work with Industrial hemp foods, for all hemp based ingredients, all of which contain .03% THC or less. 

We also do not use any form of Industrial Hemp from China as it is susceptible to misrepresentation in chain of custody, and impurities that do not meet our standards.

Any misuse, confabulation, or mis-characterization of that standard by any entity is fraud and in violation of federal law. Any attempt by any entity to mis-characterize any aspect of our industrially derived hemp products, our Jeff’s Best Hemp brand, or industrial hemp as a category in a manner that is harmful, fraudulent, or detrimental in any manner otherwise will be met with swift and fierce legal action.

Hemp isn’t cannabis, and cannabis isn’t hemp. You should know this by now, and everyone in our nation should as well.

When it comes to purity, we mean it when we say we are Hardcore, Vegan, and Ultra Pure.


We encourage you to shop with confidence and safety.  We applaud your efforts to take steps to achieve Opulent Health!