As a company standard from day one, we make a point of giving back!

Jeff has made this a standard of the company from literally Day 1.

This is done in a discretionary fashion, at Jeff’s discretion with direct input from stores, staff members, mentors, and pastoral advisement, combined with Jeff’s passion projects and urges for causes that are close to his heart.

Regarding Susan G Komen Foundation Race For a Cure Community Run in Newport Beach, we make a point of saying this particular event distinction because we do not give to the overall company of Susan G. Komen because of questionable fundraising sources, we support this specific event only, as it is a tremendous source of strength for survivors, women, and their families.

Jeff’s Mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor, and this is an event she participates in every year, and gains strength from every year, and as such, Jeff contributes to this cause because he loves his Mother very much.