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Are all CBD’s created equal?

God no. Not even close. Not only is there a number of fundamentally different CBD varieties in the basic naturally occurring CBD family, within each of those you can have different methods of extraction, derivation and distillation in the way the final product is derived. In addition to that, the final product can be infused […]

What does Double Full Spectrum mean?

If you’ve been reading the labels or descriptions of some of our CBD blends, you’ll see the words “Double Full Spectrum” on the front of all the strengths of CBD form 30-150mg per serving. Double Full Spectrum is our unique and company specific term that means we are taking not one, but two different types […]

Innovating the Process of Making Pure and Clean Hemp Products

Please enjoy this amazing interview between our Founder and Owner of Jeff’s Best Hemp! and Jeff’s Best Blends!, Jeffrey Von Stetten, and Sonia Gomez of Medical Secrets. The audio and the interview is a tad bit choppy because we did the interview during a stormy day in Colorado, so our apologies that it’s a little […]

Why is GLA so important in Omega 3,6,9 & CBD formulas?

CBD, GLA, and Bio-Availability Gamma linolenic acid or GLA for short is generally regarded as an amplifier to the things that you take it with, and an activator when taken with other forms of healthy fats. There are several companies who produce various types of healthy fatty acid blends that make sure to include it […]