Our promise to you:

We don’t store any of your payment data, or use your information for unrequested third party emails lists, or third party marketing, or really honestly just any other horrible thing that awful people do with other people’s information these days that nobody wants them to ever to do. Because we aren’t jerks. We love you!

We also loathe people who misuse private data, and have worked extremely hard to protect your transaction data with 256 bit bank level SSL Certificate encryption within the site itself, and even further to protect transaction data by utilizing a gateway with Authorize.net to provide the highest level of security environment possible for card transactions.

When you place your order, your order information stays with us, for you, to help us provide you with world class customer service. That’s it. Nothing more, ever.

We are a completely PCI Compliant site and we take your privacy and safety very seriously.

We hope this helps you feel safer, and more secure in your purchases.