CBD Oil 200 MG – Lab Tested, Organic Certified, 100% Legal – Jeff’s Best!


Raw Living Ultra Pure CBD Rich Hemp Oil. 10 MG Per Serving. 200 Mg Per Bottle. 2 OZ Size.

Experience our incredible Raw Living Full Spectrum CBD Oil Blend.  Formulated by a Clinical Nutritionist for Maximum Results.  Organic Certified, and made using a base of our Pristine, Cold Filtered, Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil, yielding Maximum Bio-availability.

The Superior base of our Hemp Seed Oil ensures you the best absorption, and the best phyto-nutrient supportive environment.  The base contains naturally occurring Omega 3,6,9 Fatty Acids, and Gamma Linolenic Acid for Maximum Activation.  In addition the base contains naturally occurring Vitamin E, as well as Chlorophyll for easy recognition by the body.

Cannabidiol has promising research in Holistic Medicine.