The incredible anti-viral properties of Opuntia Streptacantha

Over the last few months we’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding the incredible anti-viral properties of Opuntia Streptacantha cactus. This type of cactus is the primary ingredient of our Raw Blood Sugar Balancing Mix. 

 The Opuntia Streptacantha and other varieties of the Opuntia cactus have incredible properties. Over the last 20-30 years had some impressive studies done regarding their anti-viral properties and immune boosting properties. Several of the studies were done viruses regarded as either common stubborn type, socially compromising, and/or potentially fatal viruses. 

 The most common varieties observed in the control groups were those with influenza, herpes, hepatitis c, and HIV/AIDS. The range and focus of studies did vary greatly. However, despite the wide range of focal points in these studies, over 80% of studies all yielded results that reflected promising anti-viral properties. Each reflecting reduced viral loads of different degrees and intensity. Test groups received both raw material and extracts made of Opuntia Streptacantha, as well as other varieties of Opuntia derivatives. 

 As a product, we focus on it’s 6 primary abilities to reduce toxins, combat fatty liver, lower bad cholesterol, assist with blood sugar balance, increase endurance, and slow the absorption of simple carbs. The reason that we don’t regularly discuss the powerful anti-viral properties of this cactus, are due to FDA guidelines. Guidelines are so over the top restrictive and punitive about discussing or regularly advertising any type. Even suggesting there is a remotely beneficial substance as being really solidly helpful is iffy. When dealing with something concretely repeatedly borderline potentially curative, that it is just not worth the danger. The risk that it would bring to go on about all it’s impressive anti-viral or immune boosting benefits is disputable.

 With that said, there are very legitimate and quantifiable benefits that the Opuntia Streptacantha cactus holds in its ability to fight very stubborn or serious common viruses that work their way into different parts of our lives and threaten our health. Rather than discuss these statistics and outcomes first hand, we thought it was a much better choice to share some of the abstracts and studies that have been regularly referenced in many of the health journals, scientific manuals, and product references. 

 Out of the items that we produce to help stubborn viruses, this one is definitely a heavy hitter. However, when you talk about well rounded ideal states of health, and an ideal state that can fight viruses, it’s always a team effort that takes a toxin free body, a clean healthy digestive system, lowered stress levels, a solid and well functioning immune system, and excellent hygiene keeping our hands and surfaces free from viruses.  With that said, here’s some of the links for the studies discussing the anti-viral benefits of Opuntia Streptacantha!

Clearly this ingredient and family of plants have some pretty impressive anti-viral benefits. Hopefully this helped you to appreciate the incredible anti-viral properties of Opuntia Streptacantha cactus. In these cautious times it’s not without merit to consider inclusion in you diet or regimen to try and stay as virus free as possible. That’s a good goal in general always, but especially right now.

Combined with our Dragon Fire and Dragon Ice Medical Grade Hand Sanitizing Spritzes, this is a powerful anti-viral combo. 

We hope this helps your life to be awesome!

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