Why is GLA so important in Omega 3,6,9 & CBD formulas?

CBD, GLA, and Bio-Availability

Gamma linolenic acid or GLA for short is generally regarded as an amplifier to the things that you take it with, and an activator when taken with other forms of healthy fats. There are several companies who produce various types of healthy fatty acid blends that make sure to include it in their formulas. There are a few primary different sources of it, predominantly 3, and maybe 4-7 that contain it naturally if you include minute amounts.

The first is hemp seed oil, where it occurs naturally along with a fully range of Omega 3,6,9, Vitamin E, and Chlorophyll. The second is Evening Primrose Oil, which is predominantly Omega 6, and also contains two trace chemicals that helps women with hormonal balance, PMS, cramping, and painful periods. The third is Borage, which is very popular in topical formulas, but does not occur with any other Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids naturally in it’s makeup. There are also very trace amounts of GLA naturally occurring in spirulina, but in very very minute quantities, especially when compared with hemp seed.

GLA helps the body to assimilate and utilize other healthy fats that you take it with to be used much more efficiently by the body. GLA when used with Omega 3,6,9, allows the body to get a head start in it’s assimilation of Omega 6, and 3, and converted into needed PG1 prostaglandins.

Building on this principle even further, hemp seed oil has the perfect ratio of Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids naturally, including it’s own GLA, Vitamin E, and Chlorophyll. When combined with a cannabidiol blend, this will be immediately recognized by the body much easier in it’s assimilation and conversion of the other healthy fats, and be utilized much more efficiently.

When discussing absorption and bio-availability, part of the big challenge in formulation is to provide markers and substances that are clues to your enzymes to help them “see” the materials being consumed more thoroughly. GLA does this very well in it’s assistance to the body and helping it to speed up absorption, and conversion into prostaglandin material, as well as helping to utilize the body’s network of the endocannabinoid system. This allows for a greater and speedier uptake by the body into the CB1 and CB2, or CNR1 and CNR2 cannabinoid receptors.

By utilizing our already pristine Raw Organic Cold Filtered Hemp Seed Oil as the base for our CBD formulas, the GLA and Omega 3,6,9 presence will greatly enhance the body’s absorption and utilization of the CBD content much more thoroughly. Base oils such as Olive Oil, MCT, or Coconut Oil do not contain any Omega 3,6,9 fatty Acids, nor do they contain any GLA.

By this method not only are we providing our customers with a more pleasant and thorough use of what they are purchasing, we are providing our customer with a superior product unrivaled in the market, and have done so from day 1 of it’s introduction.

With GLA naturally occurring in hemp seed oil, we are making the most of the benefits of the Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, as well as amplifying the bio-availability of the CBD in every bottle we make.

Quality matters. Efficacy Matters.

I hope this helps your life to be awesome, and understand the strengths of our formulas better.

Jeffrey Von Stetten, C.C.N.

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