Why should I love hemp?

Why should I love hemp? There’s a question for the ages if there ever was one. Hemp, and Hemp agriculture, it’s unity with mankind as well as man’s use of the hemp plant in so many categories goes back for almost as long as there are recorded records of civilization itself.

From it’s use as sturdy reeds to help make boats, to it’s use in medicines to help with pain, to it’s use in textile production for clothes and fibers, and it’s use in cosmetics and skincare, the list of hemp agriculture and it’s affiliation as a helper to mankind goes back thousands of years. Some of the earliest detectable historic uses of hemp goes back almost 50,000 years.

Similar to the discovery and rediscovery of numerous uses for rice and bamboo plants in eastern Asian, Polynesian, Micronesian societies, and modern day India, the hemp plant has time and time again had societies discover more and more uses for it for food, fuel, and fiber from the sandy deserts of Persia, Africa, the silk routes through modern day Turkey, Russia, and middle eastern societies to the farthest corners of the known modern world in Australia, North America, and South American societies.

Why should I love hemp? –

1) The hemp plant is a robust Protein and Food Source

The hemp plant with regards to nutrition and skin care is a powerhouse of nutrition and resources for ideal health. With regards to food, it is a one stop shop for critical health components to keep the brain, skin, muscles and organs in tip top shape. Consider these incredibly important attributes:

  • Protein derived from the seeds is a full amino acid profile protein. Not only is it complete in it’s amino acid pantheon for what human beings need in their proteins, it is high in amino acids especially beneficial for humans.
 % of total amino acids
Aspartic Acid10.7
Glutamic Acid17.6

There’s is a very very small difference of opinion out there time to time regarding if it is complete, revolving only on the single topic of Lysine content, with a standard average of 4.3 vs the 3.8 naturally found in what is deemed a “complete protein”, but that’s highly discretionary, and most practitioners will qualify it as an ideal plant protein that is indeed a complete protein. I think we can agree that to haggle over it’s completeness for a single amino acid only varying by .5 with everything else in place, is really making mountains out of molehills for nothing.

Why should I love hemp? –

2) The Hemp Seed Proteins unique place within the Plant Protein hierarchy

  • As a Plant source of Protein it is regarded as one of the top sources of protein available in nature. Sharing the title with only Spirulina, which has a completely different protein makeup and vastly different mineral structure, as well as being part of the alginate family rather than being regarded as part of the seed or grain family.
  • Hemp Seed is regarded as a globulin protein, and an albumin protein. Albumin is usually associated with eggs, but the Hemp seed provides a plant source of this easily absorbable style of protein. It is also regarded as a globulin protein, which has immune system supporting properties, as well as supporting and playing an important role in immune system support, liver function, blood clotting, and fighting infection.
  • Hemp Seeds, proteins, and fibers are all naturally hypo-allergenic and gluten free.

Why should I love hemp? –

3) A Complete Fiber Source

  • Hemp is naturally rich in both soluble and and insoluble fiber, used as a resource and remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for troubles with digestion, regularity, hemorrhoid’s, and assisting in detoxification of the colon and bowels.

Why should I love hemp? –

4) An extremely well rounded and complete Omega 3,6,9 Essential Fatty Acid Source

  • Hemp seed oil is naturally rich in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids which has been deemed by the World Health Organization as the ideal source of healthy fats for human beings. In a perfect ratio of healthy fats, and containing naturally occurring GLA as an activator for the accompanying Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids to be utilized and absorbed by the body more effectively for healthy eyes, skin, brain, hair, and joints.
  • In addition, Hemp seed oil is also naturally rich in Vitamin E and Chlorophyll. It is one of the only healthy fats to contain chlorophyll which adds to it’s alkalizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to the body.
  • Similarly, Hemp Seed Oil is naturally non-comedogenic making it ideal for use in skincare for mascara removers, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, and facial serums.
  • Hemp Seed Oil’s natural richness in Vitamin E combined with it’s Omega 3,6,9 profile, makes it ideal to help reduce issues related to dry skin, both for use internally and externally.

Why should I love hemp? –

5) The Hemp plant contains Cannabinoids!

  • Cannabinoids is a wide ranging chemical family that has been shown to have a massive amount of uses in the human body. Ranging from THC (Tetra-hydro-cannabidiol) which has unique psychedelic and psychotropic effects that have been found to be used pleasurably both recreationally and medically for their various degrees of calming or energizing effects assisting with relaxation, or focus, as well as pain, and in some cases promising results in fighting different types of cancers.
  • CBD (cannabidiol), which is the counterpart to THC found in nature in the hemp plant, and corresponds to receptors in the brain of CBD-1 and CBD-2, has preliminary research internationally shown to be extremely helpful in helping to promote calm thoughts, calm focus, assist with sleeplessness and improve the ability to sleep soundly, decreased cortisol escalation, anxiety, depression, and pain management.
  • CBD and THC as components found in the hemp plant, as well as medical strains of that variety have been shown to be effective in both internal and external applications.

Why should I love hemp? –

6) Textile and Building Uses

  • Textiles made from the hemp plant are incredibly durable and long lasting. The original Levi Jeans were made from Hemp, however, they were found to last TOO long, and be TOO durable, as well as a little scratchy, as a result, were replaced with their current material.
  • In building, the use of Hemp Crete which is produced by combining the hemp stalk shredded fibers, with concrete produces an incredibly strong, and highly sought after building material that achieves the long sought after temperature hovering point cherished among builders with concrete, as well as a material that is both fire and mold resistant. It is a vastly superior form of concrete than it’s non-hemp infused counterpart.
  • Hemp has a much faster crop yield. It takes about 3–4 months for hemp stalks to reach maturity, while trees can take between 20 and 80 years. Not only does hemp grow at a faster rate, but it also contains a high level of cellulose, as such, making it a much better and wiser choice for crop selection over trees for paper production.
  • Hemp paper lasts longer and is more much more durable than wood pulp paper.

Why should I love hemp? –

7) Significant Historical Uses in the United States

  • People used to be able to pay their taxes in Hemp in the United States, as such it was a popular use for this agriculture for decades. Yep. Don’t you wish you could do that again?
  • The Constitution of the United States is written on hemp paper.

And the list goes on, and on and on and on and on.

Hopefully these points helped you to appreciate some of the amazing and wonderful qualities of the hemp plant, and a good handful of reasons about why I love it so much.

Warm Regards,

Jeffrey Von Stetten, C.C.N.